Check if I am eligible to apply for multiple-entry visa

By TRONG QUY LE Apr 17,2023

Dear Turkish e-visa officer,
My name is Trong Quy Le and I have some questions regarding e-visa application.

I booked a tour with Viettravel from Hanoi to Athens (layover flight in Istanbul 30th Jun 2023 for 2 hours), then I will fly from Athens back to Istanbul on 4th Jul 2023. My question is that do I need to apply for 2 seperate single-entry visa or I only need to apply for one e-visa for 4thJul 2023 entry as I only transit for 2 hours on 30th Jun 2023?

I try to fill in the form and put my nationality as Vietnamese and it seems only single-entry allowed. Could you please advise me which type of tourist e-visa should I apply in this case scenario?

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Trong Quy Le.

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