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By Emaz Arshad Apr 09,2022

I am a Pakistani citizen, having a valid US student visa on my passport. I will be in Turkey on 10th of May and as well as on 27th of May. On 10th May, I would not be leaving the airport, but on 27th May, I would be leaving the airport to visit Turkey for around 3 days as I am having a transit duration of 80 hours in Turkey. I want to ask that can I apply for the E-Visa now for 28th May arrival? My concern is, that the E-Visa offers only a single entry for Pakistani citizens, so since my first entry is on 10th May, although I won't be leaving the airport at that time, will that first entry counted on 10th of May for me or it will be on 28th May?

Looking forward to your reply.


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