E-visa for EU emergency passport

By Mirvat Al-Ghandour Jul 24,2022

To whom it may concern good day,

My name is Mirvat and I'm holding the danish passport and living in Malta.
I'm facing a problem.
I booked an important trip to Turkey last week for the 29th of July.
2 days ago I couldn't find my passport...I talked to the danish embassy here in Malta and they can issue an emergency passport for me in 24 hours.
So I will most probably apply for one tomorrow Monday the 25th and will receive it on Tuesday the 26th of July.

My big question here:
-Can I enter Turkey with this EU emergency passport?
-If not can I have an urgent e-visa to Turkey before Friday the 29th?

Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

Much appreciated in advance
Best regards

Mirvat Ghandour

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