By Devanshu Anand Nov 08,2022


I have a valid Schengen Visa issued from Germany which expires on 26 Jan 2023. I am planning to visit Turkey from 27th Dec 2022- 02 Jan 2023. I have already booked the tickets and the tour package in Turkey. When I am applying for my entry Date as 27th Dec 2022 on the portal it shows the visa will be granted for 180 days out of which I can stay in Turkey for 30 days. I have a Indian Passport but have a valid Schengen Visa till 26th Jan 2023. I am going to leave Turkey on 2nd Jan 2023. I am going to stay in Turkey for 8 days. Please let me know with the above dates and requirements, can I apply for the Toursit E-VISA.
I am Indian with Indian Passport and Schengen Visa valid till 26th Jan 2023. Have return flight tickets from Turkey to Schengen Area for 2nd Jan 2023. Am I eligible for e-visa?

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