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I have paid twice of the visa fee, but no visa is issued

By Li chen

Dear Madam, Sir,
I have two payment record from my credit card, which is booked by E-Visa, but no visa is issued until now. Please kindly let me know who shall I get refund? My phone number is 069919211164
Thank you and best regards,

li Chen


visa validity extension

By kashif

My travel dates may change,due to allotted vacation.can i apply for my turkey visa validation.
validity is 23-nov 2023...how can i get extended dates to travel in dec 2023


Refund for second time application

By Samim nazari

Hi sir madam

I have accidentally reapplied for the second time for e visa however my first application wasn’t expired yet. I would like to request a refund please for my second application.

This is my reference number :
Paspoort number :


These are my bank details:
Account number


Expired visa for renewal

By Celucolo Motsa

I am a Swazi citizen, please help me apply for a new Turkish visa. I am failing to apply on with the form


The visa got deleted from the gimel


Hallo this is Ghasaq Alafrge, the visa that I reseved it got deleted. Can you send it again please.
Thank you


Cannot access the Visa that I just applied and paid for.

By Rose

I was able to print a copy of the receipt for the $51.50 that I just paid for a Visa. However I was not able to find a copy of the Visa. It was never emailed to me.
My passport number is 523418754.
My Visa number is 155264738354 and it is document # 523418754


Unable to access the visa that I just applied and paid for. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me access that document.

By Rose

I did not get Visa emailed to me. When I asked to download it, either it did not download or I simply can’t find it. I was able to download and print the receipt for the $51.50 payment. But, I’m worried that if I don’t have the actual visa I will not be able to enter the country.


Can Nigerians apply for e visa?

By Samuel

I'm a Nigerian
Can I apply for e visa for
If not how do I go about?
Please help me as I'm traveling in Oct with my family


E visa for Turkey for me & m y husband

By Shefter Frieda

I was emailed that E visa was completed successfully & payment was received, but have not received emails of completed visas for me & my husband


I got eVisa Turkey. Can I use it even I got a refund

By Roxana solares

I got a refunded for a eVisa that I got it because it costed a lot, I thought your refund is just the difference of the price, now my question is, if I can use this eVisa to enter to Turkey, thanks


want to transit in turkey to go to Ethiopia from Canada, for that matter I need visa

By bitanya kebede

I want to transit in turkey to go to Ethiopia from Canada, I don't want to go out of turkey air port when i am travailing. how can I get visa please. i have permanent resident in Canada and i am Ethiopian citizen.


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