By Hindreen Bag Apr 22,2022

Dear E-Visa Department,

I applied for e-visa with document no. (A18769690), I haven't gotten E-visa and I tried to contact you many times at 888-566-7656. I have a transit through Turkey and I called Turkish Embassy, they said you don't need a visa but regardless I am not eligible for Turkish E-Visa so I am requesting a refund that you charged me through E-Visa process.

Thanks & Regards,

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Rawan Al-Khatib Jun 26,2022

Transaction ID: 50cdd8e76dcc5bc43d8f8f36ac4d0fe5
Can I please get refunded.

Rawan Al-Khatib Jun 26,2022

I would like to cancel my visa. I accidentally applied for the multiple entry and I would like to be refunded.

Patience Jun 20,2022

I was applying for a Turkey e-visa with application ID T2348363TPK but the application didn’t go through and I didn’t get any payment confirmation even after the money was debited from the account, I didn’t get any refund either. Please I need a refund ASAP so I can make another application. Thanks

Deena Mohammed hashim asamurai Apr 29,2022

I was doing an application and it debited my account twice and the application didn’t even go through please refund me a total of $178 ASAP

Salam Hasan Apr 22,2022

I am trying to cancel my visa. I did the application but I did not submit it. I’m not sure how but it submit itself and charged me incorrectly. Please refund it ASAP
Application ID: 4365e900-ccda-49a3-aóda-Tada5bca7908

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