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Traveling to Turkey with Emergency Advanced Parole

By Masihullah Alimy

I have an approved Emergency Advanced Parole documents. I’m plan to visit turkey do I need a visa?


Iqama holders pakistani can apply online from saudi arabia?

By Karam

Iqama holders pakistani can apply online from saudi arabia?


Given name in the visa application

By Adham

I have applied my e-visa and I have written my given name by writing my name and father name and I missed to add my third given name which is my grandfather name. Is this ok?


Payment for Visa

By Rashmi Panigrahi

Hi, I started my VISA application yesterday but for some reason, payment was not taken. I have checked my bank to confirm this. Do I start a fresh application? It will be good to know what I should do next. Thank you.



By Majdi Dwedari

Jag är en syrier med svenskt medborgarskap och jag vill besöka min familj i Turkiet, men jag har hört många historier om att människor återförs till Sverige på den turkiska flygplatsen, vad ska jag göra för att försäkra mig om att jag inte har återförts till Sverige? Finns det något jag kan få från den turkiska ambassaden innan jag reser? Tack så mycket.


Visa till Turkey

By Halala Baiz


I have planned to visit Turkey at the end on july as a tourist. Im from Iraq but now I live in Sweden. I have residence permit in Sweden and I have Swedish Traveldocument (Resedokument). I would like to ask you if I can visit Turkey with online visa (Evisa). Thanks if you can guide to a website that we can apply it.
Thanks in advance

Best regards


evisa apply


I am Bangladeshi but now living in south Korea. I have no supporting documents. how can I proceed evisa without filling supporting document option? please know me for applying evisa.


Turkey e visa needed or not for cruise tourists

By May

We will be arriving in Istanbul, Turkey by cruise ship on July 13, and will stay in Istanbul for 2 days. We will leave Istanbul flying Athens Greece on July 15. In my case, do I need a Turkey visa or not? Please let me know ASAP.


How to request Turkey visa when I don't have supporting document such as a visa or valid Residence Permit

By Achini meekandawattage

I'm a Sri-Lankan Passport holder requesting Visa. How to request Turkey visa when I don't have supporting documents such as a visa or valid Residence Permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland


Maldives vocation visa procedure

By tugba merih berksoy

Hello everyone we will come to Male on 29th June for a 5 days journey. Do we have get any visa procedure or fill e-forms etc.
Many thanks


e-visa for Turkey

By Vijaya Bahadur Shrestha

I am a Nepalese citizen living in Canada. I have Permanent Residency of Canada.
Can I get an e-visa for Turkey for tourism purpose?


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