Visa failure

By Qiu Yu Mar 28,2022

Dear officer,
I have applied an evisa on the 23rd Mar, when I tried to enter this morning, the passport control officer told me that my visa cannot be found and I could either return or buy a new one. I bought a new one, but then again, not in the system. The officer said to wait. I was not happy to buy a new visa in the first place, and when the new one had the same problem, I was pretty sure there is something wrong with the system rather than the visa. I told the officer, but he just asked me to wait. I waited another two hours and of course my bus was long gone. And finally, another person who needed a visa (others are all commuters from Bulgaria or Turkey, or other visa exempt countries), I knew I had hope. Of course her visa couldn't be found either and the officer finally decided to try another computer. We got the stamp.
Here are my two visa numbers:
I do not think it is my fault that I had to go through the inconvinience, therefore, I request a refund.
ps: I took a bus from Plovdiv Bulgaria to Istanbul on 28th Mar, went through border control at the turkish side around 02:30.

Qiu Yu

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