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Visa fee refund

By Ujala sultan


I attended the Erasum+ program held in Ankara labor and social security training and research center by Think B4 Type and they told me that the visa fee would be refunded. I want to know the process.

Thank you
ujala sultan


Application for Turkey Visa

By Rebecca Asabe Tariya Yusuf

Dear team,
I am trying to complete an e-visa application for entry into Turkey for tourism. The system did not allow me to continue with the application. I currently hold a Nigerian passport but resident in the UK. Is there an exception given to people in my category. We are travelling as a group on a cruise that departs from Kusadasi in Turkey. We would be plying through the following routes- Haifa (Israel), Limassol (Cyprus), Mykonos (Greece) and Athens (Greece).

I have travelled into the schegnen area in tha past. Can you advise me on the best possible option to secure a turkish visa for entry through the routes described?

Your response would be deeply appreciated.


Turkish Visa Payment - URGENT REQUEST

By Mohammed Asim Jerbi


I submitted an application for eVisa online and my payment went through but the system told me insufficient funds. Please address this as my flight is coming up soon. I have the temporary application no. below:



Receipt for Payment of visa processing

By Abrar Sheriff

Would appreciate a receipt for payment of the following. Thank you!
Application Id : T9311846VGO
Visa Country : Turkey
Order Date : 10-01-2023
Arrival Date : 23-01-2023
Processing Type : Normal



Tourist visa for Zimbabwe passport holder

By Leo

Hi there, I am a British passport holder living in Türkiye with residency.

My brother-in-law is a Zimbabwe passport holder who wants to visit us in Antalya for a couple of weeks. First site we visited says he can apply online for e-visa, but when we try it says Zimbabwe passport holders have to visit and apply at the Turkish embassy.

If that is the case, do you know what info or documents he needs to supply?

Brother-in-law thinks he will need me to send him an invitation to visit, and include my yabanci number and tax number ? Never heard of this before - please could you confirm and advise.

Many thanks


I wanna apply for visa to turkey

By Athmane arezki

I wanna apply for visa to turkey
I cant submit my application
Best regard
Athmane arezki


Business visa for Nigerian citizen


Good afternoon,

I´d like to know the procedures for my Nigerian fiance to get a business visa to travel to Turkey. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.
Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Ms Paula Garcia


multiple re- entry visa

By Farzana Siddiqui

I am going to teach doctors in istanbul from 10th till 12th March, 2023 on ultrasound in emergency department. I work in UK and would like to travel to turkey on 9th march and then go to pakistan from 14th March on different ticket from istanbul- Karachi-istanbul on 18th March. Then from istanbul to london on 19th March. Therefore I need multiple re- entry visa. I have pakistani passport. Please advice



Book two separate tickets with different airlines for e-visa

By Hanh Luu

One of requirement for Turkish e-visa is to have a round-trip ticket with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines. However, I just wonder whether it is possible for me to book two separate tickets:
- In-bound ticket with Turkish Airlines (from Hanoi to Istanbul)
- Out-bound ticket with Pegasus Airlines (from Istanbul to Helsinki - I have a valid Schengen visa issued by Embassy of Finland).
Do my above tickets satisfy requirements of Turkish e-visa? Thanks.


Turkey Visa for Kenyan Passport

By Fazeela Kurji

Good afternoon,

I hope you are well.

I am planning a trip to visit Turkey in March/April this year. I am a Kenyan passport holder and I wanted to ask whether we can still apply for the visa online?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



E-visa for Canadian

By Mehdi Akbary

Good day,
I’ve filled up the application for e-visa which I believe is $70. But it showed $115!! I tried it three times!
Can you let me know what I’m doing wrong. T2020616ZPN


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