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By Zahra Halai Jan 09,2022

Hi we applied for e-visa on December 23rd 2021. And we were in transit , so we took the city tour and thats it. On our credit card there is a charge of $212 ×5. We thought the visa was for $50 per person. Please help me figure this out. A $1060 for just 5 hours!! Thats too much and it is ridiculous!!!
I would highly appreciate a response and some help. I cannot believe the visa charge.
Thankyou in advance for your help.
Zahra Halai

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Nirmal Prashanth Maria Joseph Raj Nov 09,2022

Hi Aayushi, did you get the Visa? How much is the fee ?

Aayushi Apr 04,2022

I need an e-visa. Im an indian who has a residence card of Germany and also a visa for the USA. The normal fee is 44$ but as soon as I fill the form it is asking me for 122$. Can you help me with this?

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