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Visa Information requirement

By Gifty

Please I hold a Cote D'Ivore passport but live in Italy with a permanent resident permit in Italy. Am travelling to turkey for 4days. I want to find out if I need to apply for visa or I am visa exempt.


Has anyone traveled to Turkey on US EAD?

By Preet

I'm an Indian national living and working in the U.S. My work visa has expired but I currently hold an EAD with Advance Parole. Indians and several other nationalities are eligible for entry to Turkey provided they hold a valid U.S. visa or residence permit. The EAD serves as a temporary residence permit in my opinion because it allows me to live and work in the U.S.

Has anyone successfully used it to enter Turkey? Any help is appreciated.


Clarification on FAQ # 5 Cruise passengers

By Su-En Chee

Hi, I am scheduled to arrive in Istanbul by Cruise ship Enchanted Princess on October 12, 2023 at 9.00am and departing at at 6.00pm with my wife. During the brief stopover we will be taking an excursion tour of the port city from the Cruise ship. I understand Cruise ship Canadian passengers can enter Turkey without an eVisa for up to 72 hours and leave in the same cruise ship. However, the passengers must "seek permission from the local security authorities". Please clarify how do we "seek permission from the local security authorities"? Am I correct this is done by the cruise ship personnel on behalf of its passengers when the ship docked at Istanbul? Thank you.
Su-En Chee


Application ID:T0572526CBY

By Roger L. Kendall Jr

I did not receive my eVisa via email like I have before. Please assist.

Daha önce oldu?u gibi e-Vizemi e-posta yoluyla almad?m. Yard?m lütfen


turkey e-visa application for Indian national applying from the UK

By trishla

I have a biometric residence permit (tier 4 student)for staying in the UK valid until 31st December. I want to travel to Turkey in October. Is that allowed? Do I need to have three months on my biometric residence permit(tier 4 student)?


Turkey e-visa application for tourism

By Jing Lin

Order ID: T8813607OVG
Just want to check if you have received my application, and is under processing, as I didn't receive any email confirmation


Received rejection visa

By Fawaz Altohamy

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to appeal the rejection of my Turkish visa application, which I received on 24th August 2023. I applied for a single entry Tourism visa from the United Arab Emirates on 14st August 2023 through Anatolia Travel Services.
The rejection letter I received did not specify any reason for refusing my application. I believe this was a mistake or an oversight, as I meet all the requirements for the visa and have no intention of overstaying or violating the Turkish laws.
The purpose of my visit to Turkey was tourism, and I planned to stay there for two weeks, from 20st August to 9th September 2023. I have already booked a hotel and prepared a travel itinerary, which I have attached to this letter. I also have sufficient funds to cover my expenses during my stay, as shown by my bank statements.
I request you to kindly review my application and reconsider your decision. I have always wanted to visit Turkey and experience its culture, cuisine, and landmarks. I assure you that I will respect the Turkish rules and regulations and return to my country on time.
Please let me know if you need any additional information or documents from me. You can contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone at +971-58-5965383
Or by tracking number 2011098.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Fawaz Mohamed Ahmed Sudanese citizen Passport number: P08261658
I hope this letter helps you with your appeal. Good luck!


Supporting doc number for someone on H1B and F1 Visa

By Sross

I have valid US H1B and F1 (spouse) visa. What is the supporting doc number which needs to be entered? Is it visa number on the stamp or I797/I20 number issued by US government?


Help with tourist visa for Germany

By Jasmin Trung

Dear Sir or Madam,

My boyfriend (turkish resident living in Türkiye) wants to apply for a tourist Visa to come to Germany.

Can I help him with his application in any way? Would you offer support for it?

I am looking forward to your response.

Best regards,
Jasmin Trung

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Am I eligible for a E visa for a holiday to Turkey

By Thomas Broxham

I am a Zimbabwean citizen but living in the UK on a indefinite leave to remain. My wife who is a British citizen and I have booked a holiday in Turkey on the 29th of Sept 2023 and I am trying to get a visa. I am unsure now if I need a full or e visa. Is this sim you could help me with please? Thanks very much

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online visa application

By Amer majeed

I am from Pakistan , can i apply turkey visa online from Pakistan , i want to apply with my family for tourism

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