Visa rejected

By Osama al khalidi Dec 07,2022

Assalamo Alilcom ,Good morning dears,
I applied for visa in embassy after the online application agreement in 27.Nov.2022.
and now- today morning embassy informed me my visa had been rejected !!!
Can I know the reason for that ??? .Secondly, I asked them to refund back my visa fees where they reply it is not possible !!!! . why it is not possible?????. while you had already accept my online application & the man who took my application papers in embassy didn`t tell me the money refund is not allowed if visa had been rejected.
I used always with my family to love Turkiye from my heart . I visited last time in 2015. WE as Palestinian respect in love Turkiye people & their respected honor regime.
I hope this issue will be soluted with more love toward my second home land TURKIYE .
Osama AL Khalidi -96951750

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