By Zahraa Oct 07,2021

My student visa has been rejected and I am in dire need of it as a graduate student at Al-Tenbash University and I have a language exam in this month.

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Maura Adriano Jan 10,2023

Good mining i want to apply for turkey visa i live in england can you please help me to book

AHMED Dec 22,2022

Turkish visa

Almaz Aug 24,2022

I almost submits all my information two times I think you have the more info I need help

David Mabior Garang Aug 22,2022

Visa processing from South Sudan

David Mabior Garang Aug 22,2022

We need to join you on how we can do visa processing from South Sudan juba

Sana Oct 20,2021

I am writing To inquire about Visa fees, we hold are US passports and I know the fee to enter Turkey is $60. I submit applications for me and my spells I was charged $212 for each Visa I found out through my credit card charges not sure how the mistake occurred. Can you kindly refund me the surplus back to the same credit card.

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