Trekking in Turkey for Both Beginners And Advanced Trekkers In 2023

May 26,2023 at 04:21

In 2023, Turkey offers a diverse range of trekking routes suitable for both beginners and advanced trekkers. From breathtaking coastal paths to challenging mountain trails, the country's natural beauty awaits exploration. Here are ten remarkable routes that will take you through stunning landscapes, immersing you in Turkey's rich cultural heritage and picturesque vistas.

10 Renowned Trails for Trekking in Turkey

Turkey offers a plethora of options for trekking enthusiasts, with around nineteen trekking routes to choose from. Here are ten of the most renowned trails for trekking in Turkey:

1. St Paul Trail

  • Historical significance: This trail was used by St. Paul during his first journey through Asia Minor.
  • Duration: Approximately 27 days to complete.
  • Highlights: Experience the beauty of rural Turkish villages and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Recommended season: April to July and September to November.

2. Lycian Trail

  • Highlights: Enjoy a 12 km beach at Patara and stunning views of the coastline from Kas, Kalkan, and Mount Olympos. Explore historic ruins of Lycian cities against the backdrop of the Mediterranean region.
  • Suggestions: Wear proper hiking shoes and consider using a hiking pole.
  • Note: Hiking pole is optional.

3. Kaçkar Trail

  • Location: Black Sea region of Turkey.
  • Highlights: Eye-pleasing landscapes with a network of mountains to be crossed. Mt. Kaçkar, Turkey's fourth-highest trekking point.
  • Wildlife: Chance to spot bears, ibex, or wolves.
  • Recommended time: July to September.

4. Evliya Çelebi Way

  • Features: One of the oldest and longest trekking trails. Suitable for nature and animal lovers.
  • Highlights: Witness ancient provinces of Bithynia and Phrygia, ancestral homes of Evliya, and other amazing sights.
  • Precaution: Check the weather forecast before starting the trek.

5. Yenice Forest Trail

  • Location: Near the historic town of Safranbolu.
  • Highlights: Strategically located and easily accessible from Istanbul and Ankara regions. Ideal for a two to three-day hiking trip.
  • Transportation: Biking or horse riding options available.
  • Recommended time: March to October.

6. Independence Trail or Istiklal

  • Historical significance: A trail trekked by the liberating army officials during Turkey's Independence war in 1991.
  • Location: Along the Black Sea beach on the opposite side of the country.
  • Duration: Relatively short trekking trail.
  • Recommended time: March to October.

7. Carian Trail

  • Highlights: Explore ancient ruins and history of Southwest Turkey. Experience the unspoiled, colorful, and traditional side of Turkey.
  • Suggestion: Trek during morning hours to avoid encounters with wild animals.
  • Essential items: Carry a flashlight and a refillable water bottle.

8. Uludag Mountain Trail

  • Highlights: Popular hiking trail in summer, ski resorts in winter. Uludag National Park offers beautiful slopes, glacial lakes, and Alpine meadows.
  • Recommended for: Hikers looking for a scenic walking trail.

9. Cappadocia Trail

  • Highlights: Distinct landscape with historic sights. Pigeon Valley, Love Valleys, Red Valley, Zemi Valley, and Rose Valley are famous spots for hiking.
  • Notable features: Sculpted valleys, canyons, and phallic rock formations.

10. Taurus Mountains Trail

  • Difficulty level: Strenuous and one of the most challenging hiking routes in Turkey.
  • Terrain: Rocky paths, deep valleys, canyons, alpine pastures, and lakes.
  • Popular trails: Western Taurus and central Taurus regions.

These renowned trekking trails in Turkey offer diverse landscapes, historical significance, and unforgettable experiences for avid hikers and nature enthusiasts.

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