Assisting in Turkey.

By Keane Roberts Feb 10,2023

Good day,

My name is Keane. I'm a Intermediate Life Support emergency care practitioner in South Africa and have rescue certificates. Myself, a Doctor, Medics and pharmacists are eager to help out for couple days in Turkey. The Pharmacists are happy to sponsor some first aid/medical supplies such and bandages. Please can you guide to as to how we can get involved an help.

Many thanks,

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Dawood Hendricks Feb 10,2023

Good day The Turkish Ambassador and Consolats of South Africa Turkey Branch I have a 15 Team workwilling and willing to assist the residents in distress from Turkey.We are ready to move and build my company relationships with the Turkish Government.
Please assist in creating Contracts to my firm so that I can assist in Rebuilding and Reconstruct the Country in need .Build my small Construction firm to create jobs for my team and Turkish residents in need of work.
Yours Thankfull
Dawood Hendricks

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