List of Eligible Countries for Turkey Visa and Online Application Form

The Visa is a form of permission that is stamped on the passport, permitting the holder to enter, stay within, and leave the territories of the government from which the visa was issued. eVisa is linked with the passport number of the immigrant and the data is stored on the internet. And so, it is not necessary to stamp the visa on the passport physically, rather the receipt itself can be used as the visa. Since 2013, Turkey has served the service of e-visa for its immigrants.

Visa Policy for Turkey:

The visa policy of Turkey means the requirements the immigrants need to fulfill to travel to Turkey and stay within its borders. The requirements depend on the nationality of the immigrants, time duration and purpose of the travel. It is necessary for the immigrant to obtain a visa from the embassy or obtain an electronic visa online or consult the government of Turkey before traveling there. The visa policy also says that immigrants from eligible countries can enter Turkey without a visa for a short while of time. Visa-exempt citizens of Turkey do not need a visa to enter the country for business or tourism, showing a passport or a National Identity Card is enough for them. However, traveling for any purpose other than that or staying a longer duration, the visa-exempt citizens will too require a visa from the embassy.

There are different kinds of visas depending on the traveling purpose of the immigrant. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the travelers have to choose a suitable visa whether it is a Tourist visa, Business Visa, Turkish transit visa, Student visa, or Work visa.

Other than the visa-exempt citizens of Turkey and the citizens of countries that do not require a visa to Turkey, all immigrants must obtain a visa following the rules and regulations to visit the country. Those immigrants are required to apply for either an Electronic travel authorization online or a visa from the Turkish diplomatic office in the resident country.

Citizens from more than 95 countries can apply for an electronic travel authorization of Turkey by applying online from the website. They would need to fill out a Turkey visa form and submit it and finally pay for the Turkey visa fee. The whole process is carried out online. The visa permit then has to be collected from the nearest travel office of the citizen in the resident country.

Turkey eVisa Required:

E-Visa or Electronic Visa is an Electronic travel authorization which is an online procedure of applying for a visa and does not require the applicant to go to the embassy to apply for a visa. Since 2013, the Turkish government has started the e-Visa system which allowed its immigrants to apply for the visa online in advance of travel.

The application is found on the website of the government of Turkey and does not require much time to complete. The applicants are required to provide their personal information with validity and the information must not differ from the information provided for the passport. After fulfilling the form the applicants are to pay online for the visa form and finally they will receive the approval through the mail. With the online visa, the applicant has approved a visa with single or multiple entries and with a duration of 30 to 90 days depending on their nationality. It must be noted that e-Visa is only applicable for travel purposes of tourism or commerce. In other cases, the immigrant will be required to acquire a visa from the embassy of Turkey.

Tourism is most major for the country's economy in Turkey (Turkish). and the system of e visa has been implemented to make it easier for foreign visitors to travel to Turkey. find turkey e visa eligible below:

E-Visa for Turkey and Extra Conditions:

The online application applies to more than 95 countries all over the world. However, almost 60 countries need to fulfill the extra conditions to get an online visa. The conditions are:

The e-visa for Turkey is currently available for 95 citizens. This means that most travelers can easily get the needed entry authorization to visit Turkey. This process has made the Turkey visa very simple and easy. More foreign visitors can get visas through an online process. Here is detailed information on particular citizens applicant to turkey visa.

Visa Free Country List | Visa Not Required:

Almost 85 countries do not require any kind of visa to enter the border of Turkey for short stays and varying periods of stays. Visa-exempt citizens can enter the country for a duration of 30 to 90 days depending on their nationality. They can enter the country without a visa for business or tourism. However, only selected visa-exempt countries can visit the country for tourism visa-free. Sometimes only a passport from an eligible country is enough to visit Turkey on the visa-exempt system. But some nationalities only require their National Identity Card. For a longer duration of travel than the visa-free system, the immigrants are required to apply for a visa from the embassy of Turkey in their resident country or apply for an e-Visa online.

The list of nationalities that do not require a visa is given below:

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Visa Not Required Under Certain Conditions:

Citizens of certain nationalities under certain conditions do not require a visa. Visa-exempt citizens of the country of the following list do not require a visa for tourism in Turkey under the conditions of:

  • Algerian citizens must be under 15 or over 65 years for a visa of 90 days period.
  • Only citizens of northern Cyprus arriving at Ercan International Airport or seaport of Kyrenia, Famagusta, or Karavostasi can have a 90-day visa-free permit.
  • VIP passport holders of Palestine can travel to Turkey visa-free.

Required Regular/Sticker Visa for Turkey:

Almost 60 countries do not have the facility of applying for an E-Visa for Turkey rather are required to apply in person from the embassy of Turkey on the resident country according to the Turkish travel laws. It is best to apply for a visa well before the journey as it might need several weeks for the approval of the visa. To apply for the visa from the embassy the applicant is to first make a visa appointment at the nearest embassy. He or she is to print out a copy of the application and form and complete it and finally bring it with themselves to the consular interview. The applicant should mention the type of visa required for the travel to Turkey and whether it’s visiting friends and families, for working or studying, for tourism or business, or for transiting through Turkey for an onward destination. The duration of the visa permit depends on the travel purpose of the immigrant.

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Documents Required for Turkey Visa:

They’re the documents you need to submit when applying for a Turkey e Visa.

  1. Passport - Your passport should be valid for at least 180 months after your date of arrival and have 2 blank pages.
  2. Passport details: number, place of issue, date of issue and expiration date
  3. Certain nationalities require a supporting document such as a visa or residence permit from the Schengen, US, UK or Ireland. To view which nationalities, please visit our Turkey visa application and enter your nationality.
  4. Email address
  5. Credit or debit card

All applicants must ensure that they have a valid passport before applying for an e-visa to Turkey. This is the most important requirement to obtain a Turkish visa. Passport must be valid for at least 180 days on the expected date of arrival in Turkish. Therefore, Please check your passport validity before submitting the application form.

Be sure to verify your email address. When the Turkish visa has been processed and approved it will be sent directly to the email address provided on the visa application form. If you are eligible for this type of visa for Turkish and you have been granted one, you will need to print a copy of the approved Turkey e visa and carry it with you.

Basic Information Required:

  1. Full name as it appears on your passport
  2. Nationality
  3. Email address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Date of Birth as it appears on your passport
  6. Gender
  7. Expected date of arrival
  8. Passport details: number, place of issue, date of issue and expiration date
  9. Town/City of birth
  10. Family Details: Father name and Mother name
  11. Type of Supporting Doc: Visa/Residence Permit
  12. You have to select Supporting Doc. Country
  13. Supporting. Doc. Expiry date
  14. Supporting Doc. No.
  15. Upload Your Documents
  16. Pay Visa Processing Fee

Fees for Turkey Visa:

There are three types of fees for Turkey e Visa:

  1. Government e Visa Fees:

    The government e visa fee is charged by the policy of the Government of Turkey. The cost ranges depending on your nationality from USD 78.50 to USD 61.50.

  2. Service e Visa fees:

    The service e visa fee is charged for processing your visa and ensuring that you get your eVisa as quickly as possible. there is a service fee as:

    • Normal Processing within ...: USD 39.00
    • Rush Processing within ...: USD 50.00
    • Super Rush Processing within ...: USD 70.00
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