Changes to travel plans and visa supporting docs

By Sandeep Jain Mar 28,2023

1/ I had originally applied for e-visa with US Visa as the supporting document. I now have US permanent residency card and my original visa has lost its validity. Do I need to inform this change? How do I update this in my existing e-visa?
2/ While applying I had mentioned the date of travel as 10th March. But now I want to travel on 1st July. The e-visa validity is from 9th March to 4th Sept 2023

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Imam Hasan Mar 28,2023

I have e visa starting from 18 Mar/Mar 2023 and end on 13 Eyl/Sep 2023. During application of e visa I used my valid Schengen resident permit but now this resident permit is expired and I got my new Schengen resident permit. But on my e visa my previous resident permit number is given. So Now I want to update my new resident permit number.

Imam Hasan

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