Doubts about E-Visa for Mexicans

By David Antonio Olmos Vazquez Nov 24,2022

Good day,
I am a mexican working in Austria with an austrian visa for that purpose.
Because of work I am planning to visit Türkiye next month for JUST 10 days but it's highly probable that another visit could be required on February (Also maximum 15 days). Then I understand, that I would need a visa for multiple entries.

I've read on the following page that this would be possible:,durar%20m%C3%A1s%20de%2090%20d%C3%ADas.

Nevertheless I also got another page (coming from the mexican government) where I understand that this would NOT apply for mexicans:

Could you please orientate me on this matter? Is it possible what I am requiring?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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