E-Visa for EU Resident with Permanent Residency Permit

By Mary Kas Dec 19,2022

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have a German Permanent Residence Permit (Not visa which is limited to a time period) but a Permanent Residency Permit allowing me to live and work in Germany forever. I'm in the process of getting German Citizenship but my German Passport will take longer to arrive than anticipated. I had booked a cosmetic surgery procedure in Istanbul on 23.12.2023 and i have flights booked with Turkish Airlines (with return ticket 22.12-29.12.2023). When I was booking my appointment, I had thought that my German Passport would be there, but it has not yet arrived. I have a Kenyan Passport and Permanent German Residency. Please can I be able to apply for a Visa at the Turkish airport? I tried to contact the Turkish Consulate in Germany and waited 3 hours on phone to speak to somebody with no luck. I'm still trying with no luck yet. Please can you help me clarify this because my flight is booked for this Thursday (22.12). Please. Thank you in advance

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