E-Visa Reimbursement

By MD Alal Uddin Oct 09,2022

Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you that we had started our journey from Dhaka Airport, Bangladesh to Los Angeles, USA on 03 Oct, 2022 by flight number- TK. 0713 which was departed from Dhaka after 30 minutes from schedule time. As a result, we have missed our scheduled flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles- flight number- TK. 0009 on 03 Oct, 2022.

So Turkish airlines reissued our boarding pass for next flight number- TK. 0179 on 04 Oct, 2022. They have also provided hotel facility for one night at Istanbul. So we had to take additional Visa for Turkey. We have paid USD 61.50 per person as Visa fees. Please see the ticket details below:

1. Md. Ala Uddin, ticket number- 235 6731 1945 02/2
2. Shahrin Ahmed, ticket number-235 6731 1945 04/2
3. Falisha Ruzbeh, ticket number- 235 6731 1945 10/2
4. Arvid Nashwan, ticket number-235 6731 1945 07/2
5. Khaleda Begum, ticket number- 235 6731 1944 99/2

So you are requested to reimburse USD 307.5 (USD 61.5 X 5).


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