Honeymoon Vacation

By Toyosi Daramola Feb 15,2022

My question is as follows
Wedding day is May 21st
I (wife to be) is a dual citizen British and Nigerian
Husband to be is Nigerian
I am aware that I do not need a visa, However my husband needs it.
My question is for the proof of funding that needs to be a 6months bankstatement, our honeymoon funds is in my Naira account and is more than sufficient for the days we want to spend in Turkey.
Can he use my bank statements as proof and I can write a supporting letter because weddings expenses are done from my account to our event planner. Which is why the money is there.
Please let me know if we can still be granted the tourist e-visa. As we have met all other requirements.
I look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

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