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By Yaqoob Sameer Yaqoob Jul 18,2022

My name is Yaqoob Sameer Yaqoob
I sent you an email yesterday regarding my visa to Turkey
I have fixed the formulary online on your website as it should be. There were a Technical problem on your website, So the money has been deducted from my account twice without having any visa or confirmation.
I attached pictures of the problem and the payment proof. I couldn’t proceed after payment so I completed the payment information twice. I recognized that there were a problem when I landed on the exact same page all the time. In addition I did not know if the application was sent or not.
And right now it is too late to even get the visa even if I chose the fastest with 6 hours max to get an answer
I can’t travel anymore because I have not been allowed to show the visa on time.

I appreciate your help in resolving this issue and sending my money back for reasons I didn’t get the visa.

Id: T8503901QFI

// Yaqoob Sameer Yaqoob

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Yaqoob Sameer Yaqoob Jul 18,2022

I have pictures and everything we need

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