In the request of support for refugees in Canada. Please answer the positive answer

By Najiboullah Oct 22,2021

Hi. I am Hazara. I am a Shiite and I am one of the most vulnerable people. I am a religious minority and refugee from Afghanistan.
Dear! I emailed all asylum seeker sites and email addresses, especially Canada. But he still did not answer
As you know, in Canada we have to be supported or introduced by a charity
Unfortunately we have none
But I found out that your charity is working with us to identify us as vulnerable asylum seekers and asylum seekers at the Canadian Immigration Service.
Dear! Our situation is very bad and we live in flight mode every week. And you know that the Hazara and Shiite people are always massacred. Please cooperate with us.
Or tell me which charity you worked with before we were killed by the Taliban, and I will send you more information if necessary. Thank you. Thank you
I do not know much English, there may be problems in some parts of the message

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