Incomplete full name in E visa

By Jawad Tasneem Mian Dec 25,2022

I just downloaded my e visa. however I saw that my details are not matching with the detail which I provided. I am 100 percent sure I wrote my full first name as Jawad Tasneem however when I downloaded e visa after payment I saw its only showing " Jawad" in my full first name however my first full name is "Jawad Tasneem"which I mentioned it when I was filling online foam and this full first name is also in my passport which is my traveling document however when I saw my visa my full first name is not completed. in e visa my full first name is mentioned as Jawad only however my full first name is Jawad Tasneem which is also matches with my passport which i will carry as my travelling document however when I got my softcover of evisa after payment it only shows jawad as full name so this is not my.mistake please sort it out. because I cross checked this all details before paying and all were fine but when I got evisa it only shows jawad as my full name.

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