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By Mohammad Abu Naser Mar 14,2022

Hello, I'm a student from Bangladesh studying in a Canadian university and staying here for 3 years. I am visiting Bangladesh on 25 April and has a 10 hours layover in Istanbul. I would like to visit the city of Istanbul. For that reason I need to apply for an e-visa. But there is a requirement that I need visa from USA, UK, Ireland or a Shenzhen visa to apply E-visa on a Bangladeshi passport. I do have a 4years Canadian visa. Can I apply for e visa?
There is also a requirement of hotel booking. As I'm only staying for 10 hours I don't want to book any hotel. Is it also mandatory?

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Nael Al Hamidi Mar 16,2022

Supporting document : visa, residence .
It gives me options only to choose from list of EU countries only , and I’m not living there

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