Multiple re- entry visa

By Farzana Siddiqui Jan 11,2023

I am going to teach doctors in istanbul from 10th till 12th March, 2023 on ultrasound in emergency department. I work in UK and would like to travel to turkey on 9th march and then go to pakistan from 14th March on different ticket from istanbul- Karachi-istanbul on 18th March. Then from istanbul to london on 19th March. Therefore I need multiple re- entry visa. I have pakistani passport. Please advice

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Chirag yadav Jan 12,2023

Hello Sir,
im working in germany , i have blue card ,want wish multi enty visa for work. how can apply . please guide me

Farzana Siddiqui Jan 11,2023

On Pakistani passport how I can get multiple re-entry visa. Please let me know

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