Not allowed to use e-visa due to COVID-19 restrictions

By Johnson Tekbiyik Jan 04,2023

Hi there. Hope 2023 is a great year for all.

Early 2020 I had applied and accepted into my e-visa for Turkiye. However I was not let into Istanbul despite approved visa and precautions due to the COVID-19 initial outbreak. I was not let in and was told I would be entitled to a return due to the unprecedented nature at the time.

However I am a little disappointed with my last feedback from the foreign affairs, it has been 12 years since I have visited Turkiye and I get no help. I do read the harsh 'no refund' rule in the outline however I am if supported and accepted, I am wondering if a readmission can be applied for me since I was stopped at your border by your officials due to COVID-19 closures. I am enquiring as if that is possible, I'd like to visit my beautiful Turkiye within the next 3 months if this refund or / credit for a valid e-visa is possible now your travel covid restrictions are lifted.

Please be understanding as I am very distant and miss Turkiye. Regards.

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