Obtaining Turkish e- visa Algerian passport holder

By Soufiane Azout Jul 25,2022

To whom it may concern,

I am an Algerian passport holder/citizen.
I also have a UK residence permit (since 2017)

I previously had an incident in 2020 in which I booked a holiday to Turkey and Paid for an e-visa via this website.

However when I arrived at the UK Stansted airport I was refused travel to turkey.
They stated because I was an Algerian passport holder and my age at the time (29 years old) I cannot enter turkey
Can. I had a UK resident permit at the time. I consequently missed my holiday and lost all my money.
I have now noted on this website that I
Meet the conditions to be able to travel to turkey with just an e visa. (See below)

Turkey grants a single-entry visa with 30 days period of stay to the following applicants:

Algerians with an ordinary passport (between 15-65 years old)
Algerians Member of Schengen Area
Algerians with Residence Permit in the UK, USA, and Ireland

Can you confirm when this came into Action, and if can now travel to turkey ?

Kind regards

Mr Soufiane Azout.

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