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By Walters Mar 08,2023

Dear sir/Madam,
I hope all is well. My name is Fohba Walters Jingwa and I am from Cameroon. On 13 December 2022 , I tried to travel from Dublin Airport to Douala International Airport, Central Africa but I was refused from boarding by one of your staff at Terminal 1 who told me that I need an e-visa and Covid-19 certificate to travel back to Cameroon. I booked my ticket with budget travel and I was suppose to transfer flight in Istanbul ..I don't know the Airport and I can not remember in my ticket. I booked to transfer from Istanbul but she told me I needed an e-visa. I have been to your e-visa website but it tells me that my country is not one of the countries that grant e-visa too.. According to my ticket , I had to travel the following day which means that I had to stay in turkey for one day. Am I suppose to apply for a visa in your embassy or have anything changed. Please I will be grateful that you can advise me on what to do..Thank you very much I wish to hear from you as soon as possible.

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