Terrorist /citizenships

By Joanne kahveci Jan 16,2023

You have the evidence you said that my husband metin kahveci 05/05/1979 3 blagdon court Newcastle upon Tyne 07471514288 was involved in terrorist organisation & he wasn't fleeing from persecution he was fleeing from prosecution he hitting my children he was made to move out the family home 2006 because of his violence towards my daughter he broken my ribs & dislocated my vertebrae.he raped me & threatens me with a knife as his daughter Alisha kahveci was going out with a 37 year old man Gary she said they both need to be killed as she disgraced his honour and this is why he had me at knife point .he stole my birth certificate he stole the marriage certificate from my house & took the no from my passport I'm unsure if he put me down as a sponsor however he was begging me to help him then he said he could just fake my signature also Donald Hunter who signed his form for citizenship had not known him to length of tine he was supposed to of had .soon as he got his citizenship where we're on speaking terms & very much together even though in highiside I shouldn't of but he been saying for many years he intended to change his name when he got citizenship he also been saying he visiting turkey where he seeked asylum from but is attitude changed on 10 dec he blocked me and any contact so I couldn't get intouch & filed for divorce I'm absolutely disgusted & I'm going to the media & doing a tv on tick-tock for the world to know what sort of people you allow citizenship to kind regards Joanne kahvec

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