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There is no country called Somaliland

By Said Ahmed Hussein

There is no country called Somaliland, there is Somalia, I will report to this website,https://turkey-e-visa.com/ to Somali Embassy I Turkey.


To apply to turkey tourist visa

By Olalekan Taiwo Olajuwon

I need to know how I can apply for turkey tourist visa, how to go about it and the site where I can do that,I’m a Nigerian and I will love to visit turkey for a week


getting the citizenship

By Osama Mohamed Abdelsattar

Harika bir selamlaman?n ard?ndan... Türk vatanda?l??? alma ?anslar?n? sormak istedim, M?s?rl? olarak do?dum ama annemin büyükannesi Türk ve Türk vatanda?l???na sahipti ve annemin babas? (o?lu) öldü ve hiçbir o?lu veya o?lu olmad?. k?zlar? o vatanda?l??? ald? benim sorum ?u annemin babaannesinin türk oldu?una dair baz? belgeler versem annem de vatanda?l?k al?p türk olabilir mi? vesaire ben de türk vatanda?l??? al?p türk olabilir miyim? ve lütfen bana bunun için ba?ka bir yöntem, örne?in dili ö?renmek veya Türk vatanda?? olma ?ans?m? art?rmak için yapabilece?im herhangi bir ?ey sa?layabilir misiniz?

çok te?ekkürler... sayg?lar?mla


E-visa for Egyptians


Hey, I'm Egyptian with a valid passport, i live in Lebanon now. and i got accepted into a dance festival in Turkey. I'm 26 years old and wanted to know if I'm eligible to apply for the Turkish E-visa because i couldn't find any information about the age policy regarding E-visas.
please advise me.




How do i obtain visa to turkey



Request for Sticker visa?


Dear Sir/ Madam,
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu, i would like to info you that this is Mohammad Kabir Hossine I work in WWO GLOBAL MALAYSIA .My office is in Kuala Lumpur & Perak Ipoh.
However, Turkish Airlines is first on my wish list. I Will be staying in USA from next march28/03/2023 to April 10/04/2023. So i decided to buy Turkish Airlines tickets and have a three- day layover in Beautiful Istanbul.
With Regards
Md Kabir Hossine
e-mail:[email protected]
[email protected]


Not allowed to use e-visa due to COVID-19 restrictions

By Johnson Tekbiyik

Hi there. Hope 2023 is a great year for all.

Early 2020 I had applied and accepted into my e-visa for Turkiye. However I was not let into Istanbul despite approved visa and precautions due to the COVID-19 initial outbreak. I was not let in and was told I would be entitled to a return due to the unprecedented nature at the time.

However I am a little disappointed with my last feedback from the foreign affairs, it has been 12 years since I have visited Turkiye and I get no help. I do read the harsh 'no refund' rule in the outline however I am if supported and accepted, I am wondering if a readmission can be applied for me since I was stopped at your border by your officials due to COVID-19 closures. I am enquiring as if that is possible, I'd like to visit my beautiful Turkiye within the next 3 months if this refund or / credit for a valid e-visa is possible now your travel covid restrictions are lifted.

Please be understanding as I am very distant and miss Turkiye. Regards.


visa to turkihs

By Tewelde Geberhiwot Subahtu

i whant go to turkey 10.01.23 to 17.01.23
can help me onilen visa.


Visa on fresh passport!

By M Muizz

Hi, Greeting from Pakistan.

I don't have a visa for other countries, I'm 21 years old. My Spanish friends and I planned to visit turkey. We're freelancers. They'll apply e-visa, but Is there any way for me to apply from Pakistan without Schengen, UK, USA, or Ireland visa? Please, let me know if it is possible.

Best regards,


Information about E visa

By Muhammad Ashraf

I am Muhammad Ashraf from Pakistan. Now work in Saudi Arabia as a electrician pass one year. Currently stay in Saudi Arabia. I want to take information about Turkey E Visa. Which documents require for getting visa from Saudi Arabia. How i apply kindly inform me in brief.
With best regards.






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