Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka Passport holder

By Mohamed Ibrahim Sheyed Mohamed Irfan Mar 02,2023

I am Irafn Ibrahim holding a Sri Lanka Passport working in Singapore, planning to visit Turkey on 25th of April 2023 for a holiday with my spouse and 2 childrens. As a Sri Lanka passport holder I need to apply for a visa to enter Turkey and I tried the e-Visa option. but unfortunately since I don't have the Schengen visa for me and my family and therefore we cannot apply through the e-visa link.

Therefore, I'm writing this email to seek your assistance to help me out with the stickering visa process for me to apply directly via embassy in Singapore.

If you need any clarity please feel free to contact me on +65 9138 4639 and reply to this email.

Looking forward to your support to make my holiday a success.

Thanks & Regards

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