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Travel for Ethiopians from Jordan

By Nisreen Shunnar

Dear Sir/ Madam;

Greetings I have a house made from Ethiopia, she stayed with me for three years and her residency in Jordan is no longer valid, she wants to travel back to Ethiopia, but in her way back she want to stay for one month with her uncle for one month.
She received an invitation from her uncle, together with a copy of his passport and a copy of his residency in Istanbul.
How can we proceed with Visa and what are the requirements?




Visiting Turkey for holiday

By Temi


I hold a UK residence permit card also known as a brp card but i also hold a Nigerian passport, how do i go about visiting turkey , do i need an a regular visa or do i need an e-visa?.

Kind regards.


Query e visa indian passport from uk

By Mohamed Humdan Abdul Kader

Hi there I have british passport but my wife has indian passport and she is residence in uk, do she need a visa to travel turkey. How much it will cost when i apply from UK. And also what is the processing time and what documents require. Thank you.



By Kudzai

Hello, I’m a Zimbabwean national with residency in the UK, I was wondering if Zimbabweans are still eligible for an e-visa to travel to Turkey


I have uk biometric card

By Chiemeka chikaodili Okwuosa

I would like to make an enquiry, I have uk residence permit for leave to remain but my passport is a Nigerian passport...can I apply for an evisa please advice.


Ex. Visa requirements

By Dost Muhammad Hub

Hello. I am Pakistani National need your guidence... as
I want to travel Turkey next Month by 15 June for tourism Purpose about 5 days.
Being a only nationality holder as Pakisan without having nationality or residancy or visa from other country in schengen zone or UK.
In the case am I eligable for eVisa application o not.. if no! what will be the proccedure for tourist Visa
Dost Muhammad Hub


e visa wrong information submitted

By Madiha Saud

I mistakenly put the wrong information on my e visa and secondly, I live in UAE but my passport is Pakistani. Please look into this matter, I would really appreciate it.


Turkish Visa-Pakistanis

By Ayman

I just wanted to ask what is the procedure to get a Turkish Visa if I have a Pakistani Passport but no UK/US/EU Visa?



By Okpara Chinwe

My son is a student in northern Cyprus. He got admission to Poland. I want to move to Poland. I am a Nigerian. Is it possible to travel from to Turkey to Poland.


Turkish Visa for Ga

By Rebecca Quartey

Turkish Visa for a Ghanaian Passport holder living permanently in the United Kingdom


Cancel my Visa


Application ID: T7738513IGF.

I would like to cancel my visa application


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