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Turkey earthquake relief


Can you please provide me with a shipping address for the emergency center setup locally on ground in turkey with a contact name in case I can arrange for emergency supplies for the folks in turkey effected by the earthquake. We have folks in Pakistan that can supply the following things as we raise funds here in the US however need to know the drop off shipping address either in Karachi, pakistan or in Turkey. My email is [email protected].
1) Leather Jackets
2) Blankets
3) Sleeping Bags
4) Thermos.


Visa with refugee pass

By Tetiana Ilnytska

Dear team, I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend who has refugee pass(grey) in Denmark and permanent residence in Denmark as well. How we get visa for my boyfriend? He is originally from Afganistan ,but has permanent residence permit in Denmark already.
Please guide us - should he apply for visa under rules for Denmark or how .
I have Ukrainian pass, so no issues.
Thank you lot, Tetiana


depremzedelere yardim.

By Cengiz Baykara

Sayin gorevli.
Turkiye'deki deprem nedeni ile para yardimi yollamak istiyorum . Bankaya gittim bana Afad in adresini ve cevaplayamadigim bircok soruyu sordular. Royal Bank tan Afad ' a nasil 2500 $ acilen yollayabilirim ,bana Afad 'in adresini soruyorlar. Lutfen bana yardimci olun.
Saygilarim ile
Cengiz Baykara


Incorrect Birthdate on my E visa

By Andrewfield Perino

Hi, I want to ask if i can travel to Turkey if i have entered a wrong birthday on my e visa. my correct birthday is 08 June 1988, but I mistakenly typed on my e visa 07 June 1988.

Hoping for your help. Thank you!



2-3 visa

By Jiaming Li

Hello. Respect for you first.
My nationality is China and I have a German residence permit and I want to travel in Turkey from April for 2 or 3 months. If I first apply for an e-Visa than I should extend it within 30 days right? Is extra 60 or 90 days visa possible. Or is it better to apply for an ordinary visa, which is valid for 180 days for travelers?
Thanks a lot for your attention.
Looking forward to yoour reply.


E- visa question

By Lisa Cliadakis

Hello, I am a travel consultant who needs to send information about E-visas to my group. Is there a window in which they should apply if the are traveling in June 2023? Can they apply now or do they have to wait until closer to date of travel?




E-visa email

By Bo Mihn

I applied and paid for my e-visa three days ago and have not received the email with the visa. The website wouldn’t let me print out the copy so all i have is the receipt. How long does it take for evisa to arrive in my mailbox?


Visa refund

By Syed bukhari

I was travelling from UK to Pakistan and had my transit flight from Istanbul. I lost my British passport during the flight and was told by the police and also the immigration that if I apply for evisa on pakistan passport I will be able to go out and stay in the hotel that turkish airline provided due to missed flight but after I got visa and paid for it, I was told by the immigration officer that I can't travel as I don't have schengen or USA visa. I really don't understand as I explained to them that I have lost my British passport and only got pakistan passport and they said its fine to apply for evisa and they will let me go out but after getting visa they refused.my ref no is K5S-ACXB. I need my money to be refunded as I was gjve wrongbinformation and paid for something which I am not going to use.


Expediting the visa application

By Sidahmed

I applied for a Turkey visa more than 15 days ago, and I haven't received a response yet?! Knowing that the visa application is to participate in the Istanbul Youth Conference, which begins tomorrow, February 7, and my travel was supposed to take place today


Are Nigerians now eligible for the Turkish E-Visa

By Tosin

Hello please had like to find out if Nigerians are now eligible for the Turkish E-Visa?


I have a simple inquiry. I arrived in Turkey on 10/02/2023 and made an entry visa on 11/02/2023. Can I enter and not amend the date of the visa?


I have a simple inquiry. I arrived in Turkey on 10/02/2023 and made an entry visa on 11/02/2023. Can I enter and not amend the date of the visa?


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