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Turkish language certification

By Muhammed Musah

I wanted to to know how is possible to write a standardised exams for the certification of the Turkish language.


Inquiry for VISA for Indian Passport Holder

By Santasil Mallik

To Whoever Concerned,
I am an Indian passport holder and I want to visit Turkey to present a conference paper in Bilgi University, Istanbul. What supporting documents do I need for the visit? I do not have a Schengen VISA. Please let me know.


Valid schengen

By Idrees


I’m applying for Turkish e visa and the supporting documentation is in the form of Schengen visa however the schengen visa validity date starts from 1 August 2023 while I intend to travel to Turkey during April 2023. Will this Schengen visa be an acceptable document for processing the e visa

Best Regards


Appointment for the visa

By Mariam Shamsueva

Dear Sir/Madam
I was trying to apply for the visa to Turkey, and I was proceeding with online application, however I faced an issue, I'm Russian citizen but I am travelling with refugee travel document, so in the section where I have to choose my nationality I choose Russian and because of that I am not able to proceed with my visa anymore. Could you please suggest me how I could overcome with this issue.
Your sincerely
Mariam Shamsueva


Translation of Marriage certificate

By Erdal Bork

Hi, the Malta ID office would like me to get my marriage certificate stamped and translated, is this a service you can help me with. I was married in Marmaris to a turkish resident.


I need police certificate from Turkey

By Sheri

Hi There,
I'm Iranian women and have been in Turkey for 5 years as a refugee. I moved to Canada 3 years ago.I would like to get my Canadian passport and I should get Police certificat from Turkey. I don't know how can I get it. Would you please advise me how I can get this certificate from Turkey. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards



Cancelled evisa

By Hassan Ahmed Farah

Need money back refund. Hassan


Turkey evisa Pakistan

By Abdullah


I am a Pakistani citizen living in South Korea and I want to know if i can apply for a Turkish evisa on ordinary Pakistan passport. My parents will also like to apply for an evisa for the purpose of tourism. Kindly let us know about it.




By selcuk cubuk

Hello ,I am trying to give my sister vekalet for her to sell our property and handle all my finances and taxes . I am turkish citizen and also Canadian but only have a Canadian passport and driver license .
Is there anyway we can do it all at your office and make appointment ?
thank you .


Query about E-Visa with Schengen visa|| Urgent

By Siddhant Kaushal


Could you please help me with the below-mentioned query:

I have booked my holidays in Turkey (Antalya) from 20th April 2023 to 25th April 2023. My nationality is Indian. However, I live in the United Kingdom and I currently have a multiple-entry Schengen visa issued to me that is valid till 26th June 2023.

Can I travel free to turkey with this Schengen visa or Do I need to have a separate visa to travel to Turkey?

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Siddhant Kaushal


Eligibility for eVisaJust wan

By Ibukunolu Okegbenle

Just want to confirm if as a Nigerian who has visited Yorker. in the past l am qualify for eVisa


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