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By Helen Oct 15,2022

My husband has ILR and has been in the UK since 2009 and we have just had a baby. He has never visited home since 2009 until 2021. Upon arrival at Istanbul he was held in cells for an outstanding court case (a street fight)in 2008 and also for sharing a political post on social media in 2008. In 2008 he served 3 month in prison for the fight and was released....then he moved to UK. We didn't realise the fight and the post sharing was still on going and as he wasn't receiving any mail, we did not know of further court cases. Until he was held in 2021 in Istanbul...they let him out next day but held his passport for 8 weeks, they have said he needs to attend court, so we got a solicitor to keep updated of any case. Now his Turkish passport has expired...and Turkish embassy has said we cant renew it because of the missed court cases and he needs to go to Turkey to do it. The solicitor is not responding and we dont have any information details for the case, can anyone advise who to contact or how to go about rectifying all of this....it was only a street fight and political post...many years ago...nothing atcall since...and if he has to pay a fine then we'd b happy to...but we just don't know how to handle any of this...can anybody advise please.

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