URGENT Need assistance regarding Turkish E Visa unable to apply

By Muhammad Rizwan Zafar May 16,2022

Good morning Turkish E Visa team,
Kindly have a look at my e-visa application, I am trying to obtain e-visa online, I have Pakistani Passport Number: AG5520504 Expiry Date: 26.04.2031 and Valid USA Visa visa control room number: 20220847480005 valid until 24 march 2027 , I have previously applied through third party same application but i was unbale to upload my documents, that is why they could not issue me e-visa and they refund my fee, But now i am applying through direct Turkish e-visa gov official website, but there is an error coming through, which states that i am unable to apply online,, Kindly have a look at my case on urgent basis, i am more than happy to forward my documents via email my passport and USA visa copy, I have my flights booked already and now very short time left for me to apply through consulate, Kindly sort this out on urgent basis , I am really worried, I don't understand why there is an error coming to obtain my visa,, kindly someone please investigative this for me and get back to me on urgent priority, Much appreciated for your cooperation, kind regards. Muhammad Rizwan Zafar
Contact: +923334218544 Email: rgoraya007@gmail.com

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