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Urgent Visa Date Amend


Dear Sir/Madam

I have booked a E-visa with yourself for my sister and Me, as We as family are due to fly to Antalya for Holiday.

However our return flight was cancelled, so we had to move our holiday few days back. our original Date for departure was 8th July, however we had to change it to the 6th of July however the visa is not valid until the 8th of July. It it possible to please move the date back for me and my sister and have it emailed to us with the new date of arrival which will be 6th of July we have already paid? please see both of our names and Travel Documents numbers below.

Name - Zani Miraj
Travel Document No - AW0982831

Name - Waqar Ali Wagas Miraj
Travel Document No - AT0981911


Visa not issued


Dear Turkey Evisa team,

I paid everything and 24 hours have passed and I still haven’t received my visa! My flight is taking off in 2 hours. Please help me, I will miss my flight! This is extremely urgent …


trip to Turkey


I booked a week in rixos hotel sungate in Beldibi-Kemer including the flight tickets. The flights are with the corendon airlines. As an egyptian citizen with a permanent residency in germany it is required to have the flights with turkish airlines or egyptair to get a turkish E-Visa. It is sadly too late to change my tickets. Is there anyway i can get a visa without booking on these airlines ? Knowing that my children and my wife are with me and they have German citizenship and a German passport!
Mohammad Barakat


Name spelled wrong on evisa


Hello we applied for the Turkey E visa and the when we downloaded it the name has been spelt wrong on it. Can you please help us with what the next steps are.


1st Page on Google



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Looking forward


Oliver Relton

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Urgent visa process


Hi I need to be in turkey for a day to be with my niece. She is a student in Turkey and she is scheduled to fly out soon. She is been getting panic attacks and they have gotten worse recently. As her guardian I wouldn't want her to travel alone in this condition. Hence I want to get a super urgent visa for turkey and I don't have any visa from US , UK, Europe or Ireland. Is there a way for me to get a visa with in a day? I have a ordinary Pakistani passport . Please let me know if there is a way for me to get a visa quickly. Thanks


about my sticker visa for turkey


I want to travel to turkey and visit my boyfriend there, he will shoulder all my expenses since i don't any bank acoount, i am currently now working here in kuwait as a domestic helper and i was planning to go to turkey when my contract is done,


Refund requested


I contacted the Turkish embassy and they do not recognize your site as an approved site for e visa to turkey amd warned it will be rejected at the border. Please issue me a refund asap. My ref T1498808VDC. Please send me proof of the cancelation and refund


Refund - Evisa for Family


Dear Sir/ madam,

I have applied for my family Turkey evisa and followed the whole process. However, I put my valid US visa reference number in the column of my family at Turkey evisa form.

I had no idea that my family (wife and children) can not avial evisa unless they have valid US visa individually. I thought as I have a valid US visa, my family can be considered on that.

Now the visa of all families including me is received but I confirmed that the family can not travel as all travellers require a US valid visa for evisa.

May I request you to please guide me on how I can refund my family evisa fees and further to process with a normal paper visa.

Status of the Applications
Suneel Raja
Your e-Visa is ready.
Avinash Raja
Your e-Visa is ready.
Ref: WU2-CUP4
Kartik Raja
Your e-Visa is ready.
Gracy Raja
Your e-Visa is ready.
Ref: GE3-K7VE
Gireesh Raja
Your e-Visa is ready.
Ref: Z94-FXZQ


Visa fee for a family (couple) with 3 children age 2-10 year old


Is the fee structure for the family different ,
Do each individual apply for a e visa separately

Is there a one family vise fee


Payment not accepted for Turkey Visa


Applied for Visa to Turkey and when I attempt to pay for it, website gives me error for each payment method I attempt to use: Visas and Mastercards.

Does this mean my visa has been denied. Requests for assistance are not accepted.


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