US Visa supporting document number for Turkey evisa

By Madhur Sethi Nov 11,2022

Context - Turkey e-visa application
So in US B1/B2 sticker visa, there is are two supporting document numbers 1. Control number written at top right 2. another visa number written at bottom right in red font i entered 1 in my Turkey e-visa , is that okay? Will this render my e-visa invalid? Does Turkey need a specific number to be entered or are they okay as long as same number can be found on US sticker visa?

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Edna Arevalo May 21,2023

Yes, I have document # of my US visa but only soft copy. No actual copy with my

Edna Arevalo May 21,2023

Hi. I currently have a Turkish visa using my US visa as supporting document. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my US visa which is attached to my old passport. But I have a soft copy of US visa with me. Can I be allowed entry without the actual copy of the US visa with me?


Where Is Mention Supporting Doc. No on USA Visa??

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