Visa application for a conference in Turkey

By Okechukwu Vincent Dickson Oct 25,2022

URGENT!!! Good day, I am Vincent, a doctorate student in France working with an industry in New Caledonia on a project. I have a conference to attend in Turkey which I would be presenting on a topic. As a Nigerian citizen, I found out that I need a visa to get to Turkey. But due to the latest update, my company wants me to come to New caledonia for 3 weeks for some works and I will need to be in Turkey just after this 3 weeks on 14th December 2022. I am writing to know if I can apply for the Turkey Visa in New Caledonia because I will not have all the necessary documents required from the host organisation of the conference until when I am already in New Caledonia which makes it impossible for me to apply for the visa in France. If it is possible I get this application done while I am in New Caledonia, could you respond to me and let me know if there is a Turkish consulate in Noumea (and the corresponding address) where I can go to process the visa while in the country? Kind regards.

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