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By Majid Asgari Sep 18,2022

Hi dear sirs

My business partner and I would like to take an opportunity and introduce our invention.
We announce that we are looking forward to introduce a self-sustaining hydrogen generator from that consumes 20 time less energy.It could be used in industrial structures.
Fortunately we have registered our invention in WIPO and Patent Cooperation Treaty number: (PCT/IR2019/050017).
We strongly believe that this unique invention like all vital inventions around the world can be great emergence in human life. We hope that it will change our world like Vaccines,Electricity,Google,etc.
All in all We want to mention that my aim is stabling a base in a developed country.
We have registered our invention in the national phase in Canada ‘United State and European Union too.
Please tell us how we can send you a long-term talent and inventor visa application?

Best regards

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