VISA Ref no XYZ18499034328/1

By Vijayalakshmi Nov 09,2022

Hi ,
This is Vijay, from GAP Inc. Bangalore.
We have applied Turkish business VISA for Mr. Amaresh Tekal Sridhara Murthy through our travel agent BCD.
Customer Name : Amaresh Tekal Sridhara Murthy
Reference No : XYZ18499034328/1
Passport no : Z5599503
Appointment Date : 19/10/2022 - 10:00
Appointment category : General Lounge , Mumbai
As per BCD the VISA is not approved and its under process.
Request you to check and advise when can we expect passport with the VISA.
Mr. Amaresh is schedule to travel on 21/11/2022 for critical business meetings.


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