Visa rejection

By Hadi Khodaparast sichani Jan 25,2023

Dear sir or madam
my name is Hadi Khodaparast Sichani. At the moment I am living in the United Kingdom as a refugee. I have a resident permit ID and United Kingdom of Great Britain travel document (blue). about 5 weeks ago I applied for turkey visa through VOYA office, and they checked all my documents, and there was no problem. yesterday they sent an Email and told me, My visa application has been declined and rejected by Embassy of turkey. Would you let me know why it has happened? please send me the reason of this decision and the rejection.
My Passport number is 600667545
my visa application number is AD45023 740
Date of birth: 13/9/1985
phone Number: 07931417992
Address 72 Henderson St. Rochdale, Manchester
Postcode: OL129SG

Best regards
Hadi khodaparast sichani

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