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Welcome! The Turkish Consulate in the Germany is located in Regensburg.

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Head of Mission: , Honorary Consul

The latest factual report about COVID-19 damage states that almost .... number of cases are infected by this virus and the list contains .... recent active cases. And almost .... patients have recovered fortunately. Because of COVID-19, the passing pace of crown patients in 2020 was about ..... The complete test cases performed for COVID-19 patients is ..... A few number of medications and vaccines were pre-requested to cure the COVID-19, the all-out number of these immunizations was up to .....

Now the medical centers of Turkey are focusing on getting the final treatment of COVID-19 and they legitimately requested for all the pre-requesting of immunizations to get started. Turkey requested almost .... number of antibodies to get combined there. These vaccines are requested by various organizations, including .... from where .... antibodies have been requested. As per the recent analysis, the dosages of these antibodies are sufficient to inoculate .... of the population.

Please Note:

Visits to the Turkish Honorary Consulate in Regensburg are strictly by appointment. For specific services, visitors must visit the designated section at the embassy and book an appointment accordingly on the email addresses mentioned above. For instance, if you want to apply for consular services, you should visit the Consular Section. To book an appointment, you can directly mail the high commission or consular email section .

Consular Services:

The Turkish Honorary Consulate in Regensburg offers a wide range of consular services, including the processing of visas and passports and document legalization. To apply for a new passport, renew your old passport, want to change the particulars on your current passport, or need to report about a lost or damaged passport, book an appointment with the high commission's passport service.

These consulate services are listed below:

In case you want to apply for an identity card, report about your lost or stolen Turkey ID card, or need to edit or change your particulars on the Identity verification card, consult the high commission.

Remember that passport applications take at least six weeks to process. Dual nationals must declare the other nationality before applying for the renewal of their Turkey passport. If you want to regain Turkish citizenship, wait until the completion of the regaining process. Furthermore, passports are delivered to the applicant via postal services, and there's no need to visit the high commission.

In the wake of the pandemic, visitors are requested to provide a registered, secure, and trackable envelope with their full address and pre-paid postage stamps to receive their sensitive documents via post. The envelope must indicate the applicant's full name and postal code while having enough return postage. Moreover, anyone visiting the Turkish Honorary Consulate in Regensburg must abide by the necessary SOPs, wear a mask, and comply with social distancing rules

Visa Services:

The Turkish Honorary Consulate in Regensburg offers visa facilitation services to those not eligible for an electronic visa Turkey. You can contact the Mission to obtain information about the type of visas you need to apply for, and apply for your desired single-entry, double-entry, and multiple-entry visa, transit visa, and diplomatic official visa. The Embassy also facilitates East African Visa and Referred Visa.

Remember that single-entry visa can be obtained for tourism and business purposes whereas diplomatic official visa is only for people traveling to Turkey on official duty. A multiple-entry visa is issued to British citizens only, and other citizens' applications are diverted to the immigration headquarters for further processing. To obtain an entry permit for a brief stop-over in Turkey or an overnight stay, you need to apply for a transit visa. The East African visa is a multiple-entry visa granted to tourists visiting Turkey, Rwanda, and Uganda. Referred visas are issued to members of certain countries. The immigration services director approves their visas.

Please note that applications submitted without complete support documents will not be processed. It may take up to three business days for the embassy to process your visa application.

The government of Turkey promoting tourism and trying to make travel hassle so electronic visa witch are completely online process for form fill to payment and Documents upload.

Complete Guide to the Turkish Visa and Visas Types

1- Turkey Visas for Tourism and Business Purposes

  • Turkey Tourist Visit Visa
  • Single Transit
  • Double Transit
  • Business Meeting/Commerce
  • Conference/Seminar/Meeting
  • Festival/Fair/Exhibition
  • Sportive Activity
  • Cultural Artistic Activity
  • Official Visit
  • Visit to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

2- Turkey Student Visa

  • Internship Visa
  • Internship ERASMUS
  • Internship AISEC
  • Turkish Language Course Purpose
  • Course Purpose
  • Education Purpose
  • Education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

3- Turkey Working Visa

  • Employment Purpose/Special Employment Purpose
  • Assigned Lecturers/Academics
  • Assigned Sportsperson
  • Assigned Artists
  • Assigned Free Zone Workers
  • Assigned Journalists
  • Montage and Repairman Purposes

4- Official Visa

  • Assigned for duty
  • Courier

5- Other Visas

  • Archaeological Excavation, Exploration Purpose
  • Documentary Purpose
  • Tour Operator Representative
  • Medical Treatment Purposes
  • Accompaniment Purpose
  • Family Unification Purpose
  • Freight Vısa
  • Seafarer Visa

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Turkey and Germany Relations-

The Turkey and Germany enjoy cordial bilateral relations. The high commission's diplomatic mission's mandate is to forge stronger and closer ties between the two countries. Pursuing bilateral and multilateral cooperation in diverse sectors, including culture, defense, tourism, trade and investments, science and technology, security, and other fields while safeguarding mutual benefits, is vital for their relations. The countries are cooperating to resolve global issues like climate change, piracy, terrorism, cybersecurity, etc. The Turkey is the most important source market for tourism in Germany.
Get information about Electronic Visa Turkey.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease the Turkish Honorary Consulate in Regensburg could have adjusted its office hours or services. Please do confirm personally.

*Please help us to update with correct information for Turkish Honorary Consulate in Regensburg, if you find this information is not correct.

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