Turkey Expects Complete Recovery of Tourism Industry By 2022

Feb 09,2021 at 10:51

The COVID-19 outbreak slams the tourism industry to a devastating drop. An inevitable series of lockdowns and travel bans implemented across the globe. Countries reliant on the commercial and travel industry tried to seek alternatives to make ends meet. As per United Nations World Tourism Organization, the approximate revenue loss in international travel reached $1.3 trillion. One of the worst records in its history.

Turkey Hoteliers Federation Chairman, Sururi Corabatir, shares that it may take two years for Turkey to recover from the loss and get the same numbers of tourists in 2019. They anticipate gradual progress from the coming years and focus on enhancing their safety protocols. The Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey implements an alternative scale for tourism called Safe Tourism Certificate Program.

The program includes a wide range of precautionary measures.  Transportation, food outlets, or hotel accommodation that will meet the standard requirement of health and hygiene will get the certificate. The Minister of Culture and Tourism takes it as a responsibility to ensure the safety of all visitors. Passengers in all types of transportation are mandatory to wear a mask. The staff of accommodation, food and beverage facilities, and customer-facing industry had undergone sanitation training. The government told the public to practice social distancing and isolate from high-risk groups to avoid spreading the virus.

The government rolled out curfew hours, stay-home order, and travel restrictions that impacted the industry of tourism. According to recently published Turkey tourism statistics 2020, the number of foreign visitors in the country was down by 75% from the previous year. Turkey suffered a loss of about $22 billion in tourism revenue, which takes part about 12% of Turkey’s economic trend.

Tourism sectors all over the world await recovery from the screeching halt of revenues last year. Most countries start to reopen their borders and resume operations in some of their tourist facilities. Turkey looks forward to welcoming 25 to 30 million visitors in 2021 and aims for sustainable growth in 2022.

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