Turkey Passport Visa Photo Requirements

Sep 19,2020 at 20:06

Whether you want to apply for passport renewal or ragular visa to enter Turkey, a photo is essential. In this regard, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set specific standards that the applicant must fulfill. Many travelers are unaware of the exacting visa/passport requirements of Turkey. Here you will find out all about the Turkey visa/passport photo requirements to smoothly complete the application process and move forward without facing any difficulties. If you want to go to Turkey for a short trip, you can apply for Turkey Visa online. Those who want to travel to Turkey for the purpose of tourism and business.

Why Should Photo Requirements be Met?

It is essential to meet the photo requirements of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you don't provide a photo that meets the desired specifications, your application will be delayed or rejected. Not only will it make the entire application process more time-consuming but add unnecessary expenses as well. Traveling overseas could become trouble if the traveler isn't aware of the salient requirements for obtaining a valid travel permit.

Turkey Visa/Passport Photo Specifications:

You should provide a photo according to the following specifications:

  • Size: 50mm x 50mm.
  • Color: Only color photos are acceptable. Black and White or blurred images, or those with added filters, should be avoided.
  • Size and Position of Head: Head should be squared off with the camera, measuring around 20-30mm,
  • Recency: The photo must reflect the applicant's current look and taken within the past six months.
  • Background: Plain white
  • Smile: Facial expressions should be neutral.
  • Eyes: Fully open eyes without anything blocking the eyes.
  • Spectacles: Glasses are allowed only if these don't obstruct or hide the view of the eyes.
  • Headgear: Allowed only if worn due to religious obligations.
  • Pixel Size and Dimensions: Not specified.
  • Dressing: There aren't any specific rules regarding the person's attire. However, avoid white clothing as it may get blended with the white background.
  • Beard: Not specified.
  • Number of Photos Required in Application: 1

Here is sample of Photo Requirements:

Turkey passport visa photo requirements

Photo Rules, Guidelines, and Requirements:

It is vital to acknowledge all the visa/passport photo rules before taking the photographs or applying. Complying with the government's regulations is necessary to obtain a visa or renew your passport successfully. Check out the list of guidelines to make sure that you get the right photograph.

  • Turkey doesn't accept black and white images. Therefore, you must submit a photo in natural color.
  • Your head must measure 20-30mm with a 5mm gap from the top to the bottom of the picture.
  • Recency is a fundamental requirement for the picture. You cannot submit photos that are years old and don't reflect your current appearance.
  • Avoid wearing distracting accessories such as a hat or hairpieces. Such pictures aren't acceptable by the Turkish government. Headgear is allowed if worn to comply with religious obligations.
  • Face and ears should be clearly and fully visible while wearing headgear.
  • Specs are allowed if only the eyes remain visible. Avoid wearing glasses with tinted lenses or thick rims. Sunglasses should be strictly avoided. There shouldnt be any glare or reflection on the glasses as it will distort the view. Remove glasses when taking the picture if any of these requirements aren't met.
  • Digital modifications especially photoshopping, is not at all acceptable. In case there is red-eye, you must retake the photo.
  • If there is a scar or mole on your face, don't get it removed through photoshopping.
  • Keep your facial expressions neutral in your photo for Visa/Passport. Smiling will distort your facial features, and it will be difficult for facial recognition software to verify your identity. Keep your mouth closed and stay calm when taking the photo.
  • The background must be plain white. Printed, patterned, or colored background is unacceptable.
  • Avoid wearing white clothing because it will blend with the background. Also, don't wear any military or law enforcement uniform. Only religious uniforms are allowed if they are an obligation.
  • There shouldn't be any shadow or reflection of light on your face and the background. The lighting of the photo is an extremely crucial aspect. If the picture is too light or dark, it will be rejected right away.
  • Beard is allowed if it is a part of your everyday look.

Visa/Passport Photo Requirements and Guidelines for Newborns, Infants, and Babies:

If traveling with kids, remember that each child must have a passport/visa. Additionally, when applying for their visa or passport, make sure to provide their photo. However, you cannot submit a group photo or older picture of the baby.

All those rules and guidelines mentioned above will apply to children's photos as well. There are other rules that the applicant must comply with when applying for a visa or passport for a baby. These include:

  • The picture must not have any baby gear or accessory, such as a car seat, toy.
  • The photo must not include parents or anyone else.
  • If you are holding the baby, ensure that your hands aren't visible.
  • If the baby/infant is lying on a car seat or the ground, place a plain white sheet or cloth on the child's backside to create a white background.
  • It could be challenging, but the child's face must be visible in the photo. The baby must look directly at the camera, with eyes wide open, mouth closed, and face squared off.
  • Ensure the photo gas even lighting across the face and the photo's background.

You might have realized that taking the right visa/passport could be a daunting task. There are many other rules and guidelines to be followed. However, we can help you out to make the process quick and easy. With the right type of photo, it will be easier for you to travel overseas. Instead of going all the way to a store and paying a higher cost for the photograph, Our customer support team will help you at any time: Contact Us. and save yourself from additional expenses. 

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